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摩纳哥王妃Grace Kelly的孙女长大了 继承了祖母的美颜!(双语)

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The youngest daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco and granddaughter of the Old Hollywood legend, Grace Kelly, Camille Gottlieb, is not only a celebrity and a member of the royal family. Camille also has a very popular Instagram account with everyday life pics where her resemblance to her famous grandmother is undeniable. 作为摩纳哥斯蒂芬妮公主最小的女儿,好莱坞传奇人物格蕾丝·凯利的孙女——Camille Gottlieb不仅是名人,还是皇室成员。Camille有一个非常受欢迎的Instagram账号,上面有她日常生活中的照片,不可否认她和她祖母Grace Kelly长得很像。 Grace Kelly, who’s known for her delicate facial features, deep blue eyes, and blonde hair, passed this unique beauty down to her granddaughter and her followers love it. 格蕾丝·凯利以精致的五官、深蓝色的眼睛和金色的头发而著名,她把这种独一无二的美遗传给了孙女,她的粉丝们都很喜欢。 As the youngest child of the Princess, Camille was born on July 15, 1998, to the family of Stephanie of Monaco and Jean Raymond Gottlieb, a royal bodyguard, whose fatherhood was kept secret for many years. Camille openly shares pictures of her and her dad on?her account. Camille是王妃最小的孩子,于1998年7月15日出生,母亲是摩纳哥斯蒂芬妮公主,父亲是皇家保镖Jean Raymond Gottlieb,她父亲的身份多年来一直保密。Camille在她的账号上公开分享了她和父亲的照片。 Camille posts adorable throwback pictures with her mom as well. Since Camille’s parents were never married, she’s not in line to inherit the throne. Despite this, she has a very warm relationship with her grandfather, Rainier III, Prince of Monaco. Camille也上传了她和妈妈一起拍的可爱的复古照。由于Camille的父母从未结过婚,所以她不适合继承王位。但尽管如此,她和她的祖父——摩纳哥王子雷尼尔三世相处十分融洽。 Just like her grandmother, Camille has a great passion for animals. She’s traveled to Thailand to help raise baby tigers and shared the cutest photos of her cuddlingtiger cubs. Camille also adores elephants. In 2016, she visited the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka. Camille和她的祖母一样,对动物有着极大的热情。她曾前往泰国帮助抚养幼虎,并分享了自己抱着幼虎的萌照。Camille也很喜欢大象。2016年,她参观了斯里兰卡的平纳瓦拉大象孤儿院。 The young celebrity also inherited the desire to help people and be engaged in philanthropic activities, like participating in humanitarian events such as Fight Aids Monaco. 这位年轻的名人还继承了祖母帮助他人和从事慈善活动的愿望,比如参加 Fight Aids Monaco等人道主义活动。 The young royal star is 21 now, studies in college, enjoys traveling, and hanging out with friends just like any regular young adult would. Her over 60,000 followers comment on these pics with very warm words, admiring her natural beauty and calling her “Little Grace Kelly”. 这位年轻的皇室明星现在21岁了,在大学里学习,喜欢旅游,和其他普通人一样会和朋友出去玩。她的6万多名粉丝在这些照片下用暖和的文字评论,对她的自然美赞不绝口,称她为“小格蕾丝·凯利”。 Turns out, beauty truly can be inherited because sometimes grandchildren are just as charming as their grandparents. 事实证明,美丽是可以遗传的,因为有时孙辈和他们的祖父母一样迷人。

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